Azzaro Perfume

Whether you want to find a night fragrance that will give you the best feeling or you are looking for a Azzaro perfumes night fragrance to wear during the day, Azzaro perfumes can provide you with just the right scent. Whether you are looking for a night fragrance for women or men, these perfumes are sure to make you feel confident and beautiful.


During the cold winter months, you’ll find that Azzaro Wanted by Night is a great way to warm up. This spicy oriental scent has a woody base that’s full of spicy notes. If you’re looking for a new fragrance, you might consider grabbing a bottle of this cologne. It’s also perfect for cooler evenings.

Azzaro Wanted by Night is an aromatic scent, meaning that it contains a mixture of woody, spicy, and aromatic notes. It’s perfect for cold evenings, and it also works well for nightclubs and dates.

The scent of this fragrance focuses on cinnamon, which makes it perfect for anyone who likes cinnamon. The fragrance is also spiced with cardamom and cumin, meaning that it’s very bold and will stand out. It also uses a tobacco note, which will give you a slightly masculine scent.


Whether you are looking for a new scent to try or an old favorite to upgrade to, Azzaro is sure to have something to suit your tastes. The latest addition to the Azzaro line is Azzaro pour Homme Edition Noire, a spicy, woody and spicy-flavorful fougere for the modern man. It is available in both men’s and women’s versions.

Considering that the Azzaro Pour Homme is a summer flanker, it’s no surprise that the perfume has a hefty price tag. However, the quality of the fragrance is well worth the cash. The fragrance is also available in a less dense version, Azzaro L’Eau. The fragrance features a number of notable ingredients including lemony-wood, peaches, peaches and more peaches, and vanilla. The scent is also accompanied by a sweet, woody creaminess that makes it a great pick for anyone looking to add a little something extra to their wardrobe.

Lasting power

Whether you want to wear a fragrance during the day or night, Azzaro perfume is perfect for you. Azzaro Wanted By Night is a fragrance that combines woodiness and spice, which are designed for a modern seducer. The fragrance features spicy notes, including cumin, red cedar, and tobacco musk.

Azzaro Wanted By Night is for men who have a rebellious and spirited personality. The scent evokes deep desires. The fragrance also has a unique tone. The fragrance is warm and spicy, with notes of tobacco, cinnamon, and red cedar. It also contains herbaceous after-notes, which help it last long.

Azzaro Wanted is a spicy oriental cologne. The scent is best worn during the fall and winter months. The cologne also features cinnamon, tobacco musk, and red cedar. The cologne is available in 50 and 100 ml eau de parfum. The scent is also available in a aftershave balm.

Complement factor

Depending on your personal taste, you might prefer a perfume with a complementary factor. For example, you might enjoy a fragrance that has a brighter and more noticeable signature, or one that’s made to last a longer time. Similarly, you might prefer one that’s more discreet and sexy, or one that’s more of a faddish novelty.

For example, a perfume might have a sexy, smoky scent, but it won’t be very effective at opening your body’s pores. On the other hand, a fragrance might be a bit too sweet or too greasy, but it’ll have a strong, magnetic signature. If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s not too heavy, yet still has a powerful, memorable signature, you might want to try Azzaro’s Wanted.

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