5 Ethnic Outfits for Women to Wear at Any Occasion

In early times, ethnic outfits were common for all women. Every woman wore clothes that made them look like royalty. However, with time designer outfits came into the spotlight. As a result, the preferences changed and ethnic wear became limited to special occasions only. Well, there is nothing to worry about that! We have a few ideas to dress up with ethnic outfits to get that royal look back. With these amazing ideas, women can style their outfits by wearing a sharara kurta set or an organza saree.

Does Mixing & Matching Different Outfits Look Beautiful?

Women’s taste in fashion continuously changes with the trends. Western culture has widely affected the dressing style of women in India. They only fit partially in the eyes of this section of society.

But like a true Indian, they came up with a workable solution. As a result, the wardrobes have undergone revamping. All new combinations of ethnic wear with a hint of modern designs are ruling the fashion industry.

These new styles of indo-western look absolutely stunning, and they bring out the true festive vibes. After all, it is the beautifully dressed up women of the household who symbolises the auspiciousness of the event.

Five Ethnic Outfits For Women To Walk With Style

With the upgrading fashion trends, we shortlisted the five best modern ethnic outfits for women.


Suppose you are in a hurry and need more time to decide on a dress for the night’s function. Then here it is. A sharara kurta styled with a designer dupatta and simple kameez. It is one of the all-time classic ethnic wear outfits for any occasion.

It is the top pick because it brings out an elegant yet beautiful sense of style. The eye-catching printed kurtas are the best example of designs. So, be it a family occasion or an office party, a sharara kurta set is your anytime ethnic dress to wear.

Shararas available in the market are of a variety of fabrics. A popular one among them is crepe. Moreover, it is a mix of cotton, satin, and rayon. They all together bring out a graceful dress. Moreover, its super comfort lets it be an option for most of the year.


Lehengas are a form of long skirts that have been in women’s wardrobes since inception. Earlier, women used to wear lehenga with heavy embroidery. It was just like a status symbol in society. However, there have come multiple variations with new innovative ideas of designs and patterns.

Styling it with matching earrings and heels can make you look like the gorgeous lady in the room. This outfit is your perfect pick, from rocking parties to shining at wedding functions.


The touch of modern fashion trends has touched the most ethnic outfit in the industry. Matching a bold colour saree with a wrap-around crop top is a great idea. Nevertheless, the original saree tops the list no matter how many combinations come up.

India has a huge fashion market and numerous trends. Women in each part of the country have their unique way of styling a saree. From the north’s red organza saree to the south’s golden kanjivaram saree, every type of saree has special features be it in terms of fabric, embroidery or any other thing.

Dhoti pants

For the majority of the time, we have seen men wearing dhoti or dhoti pants. But when a woman with good taste in fashion styles it with a kurta, there is no better way of establishing her presence in the room.

In addition, it is extremely comfortable to wear for every season throughout the year. Pairing dhoti pants with a stylish kurta, be it short or long, looks just perfect. So, there you go with a modern yet ethnic outfit for the next party or pooja.

Anarkali suits

Dating back to the age of Mughal-e-Azam, Anarkali suits are an all-time favourite from the list. It has got a classy, luxurious and royal look all in one. This outfit has been in the limelight since the beginning. It has influenced the dressing style of a major part of the women’s population.

Furthermore it is quite a heavy dress to wear with all the embroidery all over the outfit. A traditional Anarkali suit has three components. A long frock, a kurta and a long dupatta on the shoulder. Along with that, you can match it with simple heels and a heavy jewellery set.

Final Takeaway

The touch of ethnic wear with western influence has been a great success in the market. Often, women have multiple ethnic outfits lying in their wardrobes, yet they still have confusion about making the right choice. Therefore, to end this, we came up with the aforementioned information for decking up at the next event.

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