Wine Tour in Bangalore - History of Wine


The wine tour in Bangalore is a perfect place for you to learn about the history of wine, taste different flavors and also enjoy a delicious meal along with your favorite drink. You will be provided with a professional guide who will take you through vineyards and explain everything in detail as well as take you through a walk vineyard tour which involves exploring trees, grape wines and other plants used in making wine.

Why is Bangalore the right place for wine tasting ?

Karnataka has fertile soil and perfect climate for grape cultivation which makes it one of the best places in India. The state has a long history of winemaking since ancient times, which is well preserved in its museums and heritage houses. The annual production of wine in Karnataka is around 2 million bottles, making it second only to Madhya Pradesh (MP) as per number of wines produced annually.

Karnataka also produces red, white and rosé wines that are exported abroad through various channels including exports directly from Mumbai airport terminal or other international airports like Delhi etc., direct flights from Delhi airport directly to Bangalore via Air India Airlines (AI), local airlines like Spice Jet etc., sea cargo services by companies such as FEDEX Express or DHL Express etc., inland rail service provided by IRCTC where passengers can book tickets online before boarding at their destination station

When we talk about wine, people start dreaming about Italy or France but what if you could get the same feeling and taste within India?

Wine is a fermented beverage made from the fruits of the wine. It’s made in many countries around the world, but India has its own unique way of making wine. Bangalore, Karnataka state is known for being one of the best places to make wine in India.

Wine tour in Bangalore is not only about tasting different types of wines but also learning about how it was made and why do people love this kind of drink so much?

The wine tour starts at 10 am in the morning, and ends around 5 pm in the evening. The duration of the tour is 8 hours, which includes 2 hours for lunch and 6 hours for tasting wine.

You will be provided with a professional guide to take you through the vineyard and explain everything in detail.

The wine tour is a great opportunity to learn about the process of winemaking and understand how to make your own wine at home. You will be provided with a professional guide to take you through the vineyard and explain everything in detail.

The tour includes a tasting of different types of wines, so that you can understand what makes them unique from each other.

You would also experience a walk vineyard tour that involves exploring the trees, grape vines and other plants which used to make wine. This is an ideal way to understand the process of making wine.

You will be guided by an expert who will explain about all aspects of wine-making including its history, taste, health benefits and so on. You will be offered refreshments during your tour as well as some food items that can be taken back home with you after completion of the activity

The day tour is followed by a delicious meal along with a glass of wine of your choice. You can choose from a variety of wines available for tasting and each tour has its own food menu, prepared by the chef and selected by the winemaker.

The chef and winemaker work together to make sure that you have a great experience, while they focus on delivering memorable dining experiences. While enjoying your meal at our restaurant, we will also serve complimentary desserts which are prepared using fresh ingredients sourced locally in India.

However, there are many rules and regulations regarding serving alcohol so to avoid any confusion you can buy some bottles for yourself from the vineyard store to take home.

The price of wine varies according to its quality and popularity

A good quality red wine will be more expensive than a white. The best thing about buying wine in a vineyard is that you get a chance to taste new wines before they are launched on the market. You can even buy your own plot where you can plant grapes or other fruits like apples or pears so that when your friends come over, they’ll have something delicious!

Wine Tour in Bangalore offers you an unforgettable experience from learning about wine making to tasting different flavors of wines

Wine Tour in Bangalore is a day-long activity that starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm. The tour includes a walk vineyard tour, delicious meals with different types of wines and you can buy wine from the vineyard store to take home!


There are many things to do in Bangalore like shopping and exploring new places, but if you want something different then this is the best way to go. You will not only learn about wine but also get an opportunity to taste it. If you are looking for a fun filled day then this tour is just perfect for you.

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