Care for Jewelry

Are you taking good care of your jewelry?

Don’t be too quick to buy into the saying that “diamonds are forever.” Even diamonds are susceptible to damage from sunlight exposure or scratches. Whether it’s a broad collection of fine jewelry or costume pieces, proper care is vital.

If you want to keep your jewelry’s luster forever, there are some dos and don’ts. Read on to know the proper jewelry care! Learn the best care for jewelry here.

Separate Your Jewelry

Jewelry can sustain damage in storage when pieces rub together or entangle. Pearls, precious metals, and some gemstones are particularly vulnerable.

It’s also good to keep them in a zip lock bag to keep out air and moisture. Be cautious with keeping them on bare wooden surfaces too. The chemicals used to treat the wood might stain or tarnish jewelry.

Put Them on Last

It may seem convenient to put jewelry on first while getting ready in the morning or for a night out. It’s best to keep them for last.

The chemicals from your hair products, make-up, or perfume can erode your jewelry. Put them on when once the mist from your hairspray has cleared.

Keep Jewelry Away From Skincare

Speaking of damaging chemicals, you should also keep jewelry away from skincare products.

While fine jewelry can take some exposure to hand and body lotion, costume pieces can’t. A build-up of lotion products can also be a problem. If you use skincare, put them on once your jewelry is off and safe in storage.

Know When Not to Use Them

It can be tempting to flaunt the pieces you bought from Wholesale Sparkle. Care for jewelry means there are activities where you shouldn’t use them. Playing sports, swimming in chlorine-treated water, cleaning, or gardening —remove the jewelry first.

You should take jewelry off when engaging in activities involving abrasive chemicals. Even if you’re only working with your hands, it’s best to have them off too.

Know Your Pieces Before Cleaning

Never assume that one jewelry cleaning solution or method works for all jewelry. Some types of costume jewelry shouldn’t even put in water.

You must learn about the materials of your jewelry. Doing so will allow you to know their special care needs and avoid damaging them. You can often find information on the metal content on a stamp behind or inside a piece.

Keep a Jewelry Care Kit

Having a care kit is essential for jewelry upkeep. This can include:

  • Soft chamois for polishing and drying
  • A soft-bristled brush
  • Q-tips
  • Tweezers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glue for minor gem reattachments
  • Gentle silver polish
  • Commercial jewelry cleaners for gems and precious metals

You can also try home-made cleaning solutions if you don’t like commercial products. You’ll want to keep all your jewelry cleaning supplies in one container for ease of use.

Always Practice Proper Care for Jewelry!

Knowing the proper care for jewelry will allow you to keep your favorite pieces for years to come. Remember, jewelry needs proper and gentle care despite looking eternal. This means proper storage, knowing when to use them, and avoiding certain chemicals.

Thank you for reading, but why stop here? There’s more to learn when it comes to keeping up with fashion. If you want to know more about jewelry, check out our other guides here.