It’s a tough decision when it comes to planning what to wear in winter weddings while the inconvenience of cold weather, chilly winds, and rain come into your mind. Thus, the idea of attending a winter wedding can end up giving you a headache. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with tips to choose the perfect outfit. Even if you’re thinking of a lasting impression or a trendy appearance, this article will help you find the ideal fit for this celebratory winter evening. Stick to this guide till the end to help you find a winter wedding outfit as a guest. 

Examine the invitation

Firstly, check the invitation! Why so? The couple getting married would have indicated a dress code for you and you must dress accordingly for the big day. 

If the invitation suggests a black tie, which means a dinner suit according to plain English, a white dress shirt, black high-shine shoes, black socks, and a black bow tie. Even if it’s optional, it’s the same thing, yet you can go less formal by wearing a plain black tie. 

Sensibly pick your fabrics

It is a fact of common sense that, yet we want to give a friendly reminder to obviously not wear cotton or linen suits in winter unless you’re ready to send chills to your bones. 

Using flannel, wool, tweed, and cashmere is highly recommended. You must better look for the heavyweight cloth to keep you properly insulated. You may not want to go with half-lined, because a complete lining will not only provide complete warmth but will also ensure a better suit structure. 

Consider the location

Location is the main answer to all when deciding the overall style for a winter wedding. If the wedding is in the city, pick something smarter like checks, pinstripes, and proper accessories of a color palette including red, navy, and black. 


Grooms are the big man of the event, so you need to be best dressed. Don’t attempt to show off your personality and tradition because it will be a big fail. You must go for a two or three-piece suit according to the level of formality you are easy to wear. It must not be double-breasted of patterned and must be in a theme of black, navy, and dark grey. Simplicity matters the most, so opt for something simple but eye-catching. You can go for oxford shoes, white shirt, and to add some classiness opt for polka dot tie or a dark-colored floral dress pin.  


If you are one from the table guests then you must mean the most to the bride and groom. Keeping that in mind you must not arrive at the wedding wearing something distressing. You must take note of this. 

We advise you to wear something black so that you are in no competition with the main man, the groom. Simply just follow the dress code and do-not go for something extra. 


You might be thinking about what might be the best color to wear to a winter wedding. Colour has great importance in making you fit in which depends on what season you go in. But first, you must look for a labeled color scheme that can possibly be mentioned in the invitation to follow. 

Consider a few options only when choosing a color. In winter weddings, you would need not to touch bright and bold colors that are suitable for summer weddings more. We would recommend you to stick to a color scheme of neutral colors including greys and browns. 


You don’t have to stress about the cold in winter weddings because it doesn’t mean that you’ll be standing outside for a long time. However, an overcoat will be the most suitable and perfect for you to wear, which is ideal to put on any suit you’re wearing to the wedding. 

If the winter wedding is styled in a funky and teenage inspired manner, then you can also go for Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket. You can also go for movie jackets to give a classic and trendy look. 

Winter weddings are something that you will surely enjoy if you attend them in the right clothing. If not, you’ll end up shivering and messing up your entire event. So you need to be there at the right time and in the right leather jacket. Whether you are a guest or the groom, you will have to dress properly so that your important day is not ruined. Other than that you are good to go. 

I hope this complete guide on what to wear as a guest to a winter wedding helped you!