Delicious Cuisines Of South India

As all of you must be aware of the fact that Delicious Cuisines Of South India is famous for its climate and cuisines. But if you are roaming on the streets of let’s say Telangana or Kerala or any other state of magnificent South India then how will you find the special cuisines over there? The simple idea is to visit the famous places of the region and you will definitely come across some of the most famous cuisines of the region. For example all the famous tourist places in Telangana will certainly let you explore the famous cuisines of the state namely Vepadu and Sakinalu. Some of the famous cuisines are listed below.

Delicious Cuisines Of South India

1.    Erissery

The most delicious food of Kerala is almost offered in all the restaurants of the place. The food is prepared by boiling the pumpkin with little salt; grated coconut,dried lentils and a flavor of cumin seeds gives a very peculiar taste to the dish. Average rate of the dish is around INR400 in all the good restaurants of the state.

2.  Prawn Curry of Kerala

Prawn curry is one of the most likable cuisines of Kerala. Coastal area of the state offers a variety of good quality prawns. Dishes in Kerala are famous for the flavor of chili and pepper which makes the dishes delicious. If you add steamed rice and chapatis, it would be a perfect lunch for you. Dish is priced at around INR 700.

3.  Korri Gassi

Chicken served with coconut and tangy tamarind adds a different flavor to the dish. This special dish of chicken curry would definitely prove to be an exotic treat for your lunch. The dish is readily available in the Mangalore region. All the good restaurants offer this dish at an affordable rate over there. Average rate of the dish differs locally from plac

4.  Kane Rava Fry

This would be a different experience for you altogether. Fish marinated in chili paste and then coated in semolina is then deep fried to give a special flavor to the dish. Egg is also added in the dish to give it a tangy taste.

5.  Kodi Pulao

This special dish of Andhra Pradesh has been a very popular food locally. For all the meat lovers this dish is a must try. The juicy flavor of the dish is a delicious piece of food treated with the chutney. Kodi Pulao is priced at an average rate of around 300 in the local regions.

6.  Meen Muringakka Curry

Meen curry is flavored with tamarinds, coconuts, salads and red chillies. The combination of the ingredients gives the dish a very peculiar taste. Chapati and rice when served with the curry give a very different taste altogether.

7.   Paal Payasam

Payasam is a sweet dish having a combination of delicious dry fruits such as resin and cashew. Dish is very similar to the Kheer offered in North India. Creamy layer is on the top of the dish, which makes it more delicious. This recipe can be found locally anywhere in the state. Stirring the rice slowly on a burning stove until the rice becomes soft in the milk.

8.  Dry Mango Kuzhambu

Dried mangoes bits are the most important ingredients. Tur Dal, Chana Dal and Urad dal are mixed in the same proportions to make this delicious dish. If you are a spice lover then you can sprinkle some more pepper on the dish. Kuzhambu gives a mixed taste of sweetness and sourness which is the best thing about the dish. Dish is priced at around INR500.

9.  Coorgi Gawti Chicken

Coconut, tamarind and curry leaves add a very peculiar tangy flavor to the dishes. Chicken recipe is more about the proportions of spices added to the dish. As you must be aware about the popular use of spices in the southern part of the country, it becomes a very special part of most of the dishes. The dish is offered at an affordable rate of around INR500 locally.

10. Pulasa Pulusu

This is another kind of delicious fish curry popular in South India. Region around Godavari is famous for the fishing of a very special kind of Pulasa fish. The Pulasa fish curry is the point of attraction in and around the region. Food is readily available in the local market of Andhra Pradesh. Locally the recipe is readily available in the market nearby. Dish costs around INR400.

What makes special food the popular choice is the native ingredients used in the dishes. Experience the real taste of the dishes while traveling to these areas.

 Top 3 Best Tourist places in Telangana


Hyderabad, popularly known as the “city of pearls,” is the capital of Telangana and the biriyani capital of India. It is home to a royal fort, a historical structure, charming water features, and a well-kept park. Koh-i-Noor, the most expensive diamond presently on exhibit at the London Museum, was first found in Hyderabad. One of the best sights in the city is the Buddha statue that stands in the middle of Hussian Sagar Lake. Top sights in Hyderabad include the Makkah Masjid, the Charminar, and the Golconda Fort.



One of Telangana’s most beautiful places Warangal is well known for both its peace and its historical splendor. Despite being in Warangal, it seems lush and green, giving you a sense of tranquilly. Pakhal Lake is the ideal location to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The main tourist attractions include Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Pakhal Lake, and Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary.


It’s a beautiful setting that will undoubtedly make you feel relaxed and tranquil. It is renowned for having a stunning Medak fort. The cathedral church is one of the key structures worth exploring and going to. The mood here is gloomy and foreboding. The front seems to reflect the addition of architectural brilliance.

narrating historical tales to visitors. In Medak, you can find the Wargal Saraswati Temple, the Medak Church, the Singur Dam, and other well-known landmarks.

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